Bash for Windows – apt-get broken/not working

Ran into this issue the other day on bash for windows where apt-get update/upgrade was not working. Most of the soultions out there was to totally uninstall it which really isnt ideal. Heres how I went about fixing it: [crayon-65daabe1d4916654635803/] To fix it run the following: [crayon-65daabe1d491e063823366/] apt-get commands will now work as you would […] Read more

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Parsing data with Powershell – A practical example

Parsing data is something that anyone writing code will eventually have to do. The annoying part is its hard to practice unless you have a real example, data dumps can be really strange and its sometimes really hard to get the data how you want it. Recently we needed to parse an output of some […] Read more


Making better REST calls – Powershell

As of late my life solely exists to make things occur automagically. Most end points these days are REST based, which is a great thing. REST is super simple to use but many make a few simple mistakes when writing their calls. Hopefully I can show off a few tricks to help you out in […] Read more


Nested JSON – Powershell objects not expanding

I came across an issue the other day that took me way too long to figure out. I tried 100 different ways of building nested json but all of them failed to expand the object correctly. I posted to Reddit and a kind user pointed me to a simple fix. The cmdlet ConvertTo-Json has a […] Read more


Building nested json from powershell objects

I’ve been working on a pretty large project in powershell that involves a ton of REST API integration. Most APIs these days use nested json, building json in powershell is actually pretty easy but its not as clear cut as building xml (at least it wasnt for me). Lets take a look at how we […] Read more