Create formatted list of files using split string – Powershell

Got a request today to build a csv file that listed out some files in a folder along with a few other bits of information. The headers from left to right are: parentId($id), Description($size), Name($name), Body($unc) The first few items were very simple, they needed: 1) Full path 2) File name 3) File size The […] Read more


Flattening a directory tree with RoboCopy

Today I had to do something a bit ugly. I had received a data dump from a 3rd party vendor with directories and names longer than the max windows/powershell can handle (260 char). Due to this we needed to flatten the structure by pulling all of the files out and placing them into a separate […] Read more


Renaming a Domain Controller Server 2012R2

Today I had the pleasure of renaming a domain controller. At first glance you might think you can just rename the computer the usual way, but please don’t do this it wont work! Lets say you have a domain called with an AD controller called West-AD01. The FQDN would be, lets say we […] Read more


Automating .NET 3.5 installs on Windows 8 and Server 2012(R2)

I’ve been making the push to start deploying systems as 2012R2, 2008 is already almost 8 years old! Some programs require .NET 3.5 and installing it manually is a pain, even if you have a script built you still need to get the sources from somewhere, typically its from the CD which is a pain. […] Read more

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Using OctoPrint with an Ultimaker2 – Gcode

I’ve had my 3d Printer for some time now, considering the hotend sits at around 250 degrees Celsius I’m hesitant to leave the house while its printing. I had an extra RasPi laying around so I figured I would put it to good use. A few things will be needed: – RasPi with OctoPi image […] Read more