Detecting if PowerShell was opened as 32bit process

I’ve started to automate a ton of things in our environment using PowerCLI (VMware). Unfortunately some of the cmdlets require a 32bit powershell, in order to protect vCenter from bugs via running the script as a 64 bit process I have had to implement a way to make sure it was run as 32bit. Im […] Read more


Receiving files via FTP with Powershell and WinSCP

In a previous post I went over how to use WinSCP and Powershell to send files to an FTP server. In this post I will go over receiving files via WinSCP and Powershell. If you haven’t yet take a look at this post as it goes over a few things that I will not touch […] Read more


Changing the Local Admin account on many computers – Powershell

At some point you will be tasked to change the local password on N number of systems. If you have a few systems doing it manually is annoying but doable. If you have many systems that this needs to be done on, doing this in an automated fashion should be the only option. I borrowed […] Read more

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Automated Download of Install of Java | Powershell

Quick solution to a little problem, quickly installing Java from powershell. [crayon-65dab1bf77d94981460998/] […] Read more


How to find SSH/FTP server fingerprint with WinSCP

I’ll be honest it took me a few minutes to figure out where this was within WinSCP, I previously blogged about using WinSCP to upload files via powershell, in order to connect securely you should really save the ssh fingerprint. In order to get the ssh key: 1) Open WinSCP and log into the FTP […] Read more