About Dylan

Firstly, welcome to my site! I hope the content here is as useful to you as it has been to me, that’s my goal for sharing it here.

I’m Dylan Zeleski, I currently work as a Systems Engineer at Netsmart Technologies. I’m responsible for many technologies, but my main responsibilities involve managing, maintaining, and backing up our virtual environment of over 500 VMs, maintaining and building SCCM/WSUS 2012, maintaining and building AD/DNS/DHCP, managing end point backups(Druva inSync), as well as building and maintaining our internal network (Cisco devices of all kinds) and of course I handle most of our automation and scripting tasks.

As you can probably see from my site, I love scripting and automating tasks. It makes my life as well as my co-workers lives much easier. I’ve been working in IT now for about 6 years. Over the next few months ill be adding more of the work I have completed or thought of in hopes that it might help you make your environment more efficient.

What else can you expect from my site?

Well as a Systems Engineer I love tech, anything involving the newest coolest gear I want. I am a big hobbyist that flies R/C equipment of all kinds, planes, helis, multirotors, etc, and I also own an Ultimaker 2 (3D printer). I will be posting about my experiences with R/C and my love for aerial photography as well as my learning experience with 3D design and printing.

Just remember, you are The Expert (YouTube Link)